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Judgment and Treatment of Faults in Optical Cable Lines

Judgment and Treatment of Faults in Optical Cable Lines

Fiber optic cable line failure is called cable line failure because of external factors or fiber itself. Fiber optic cable interruption does not necessarily lead to business interfix, which causes business interfix to be handled in the order of fault repair, without affecting the order of service interfix that does not constitute a fault.

Classification of Faults in Optical Cable Lines

Fully Broken Optical Cable
(1) Assuming there are reservations on both sides of the site, centralized reservations are adopted and a joint is added.
(2) There are joints near the fault point and there are enough reservations on the spot. Adopting pull reservations, use the original joints to dispose of them;partial optical fiber interfix
(3) On the premise of not affecting other optical fibers, open skylight connection method is recommended to stop the repair of faulty optical fibers.
Cause Analysis of Cable Line Faults

Circuit Faults Caused by External Force Elements

(1) External excavation: to deal with the breakdown of excavator construction, pipeline optical cable is tested due to the opening of the fault point near the hand well and reflected on whether the cable can be damaged in the hand well, and bidirectional testing of the suffixed optical cable is carried out.
(2) Vehicle hang-up: When dealing with vehicle hang-up faults, we should first test the two directions of fiber optic cable stop at the fault point, confirming the number of fiber optic cable block points, and then dispose them pertinently.
(3) Shooting: This kind of fault will not make all optical fibers suffix, but part of the cable or optical fibers are damaged, and this kind of fault is difficult to find.

Line Faults Caused by Fiber Optics

(1) Natural fibre breakage: As the fibers are drawn from glass and plastic fibers, they are relatively fragile. Static fatigue will occur over time, and the aging of the fibers will lead to natural fibre breakage.
(2) The influence of ambient temperature: too low temperature will cause water freezing in the junction box, longitudinal shrinkage of the cable sheath, putting the the pressure on the optical fiber to increase attenuation or optical fiber suffix.

Circuit Faults Caused by Artificial Elements

(1) Obstacles: Artificial failures caused by technicians in maintenance, installation and other activities.
(2) Stealing: criminals cut optical cables to block them.
(3) Damage: man-made and deliberate destruction, constituting the blocking of optical cables.

Fault Disposal of Optical Cable Line

(1) All-resistance fault with optical cable replaceable in the same route. The attendants in the computer room should block the business on the optical fibers with other good core substitutes in accordance with the emergency plan at the first time, and then repair the faulty optical fibers as soon as possible.
(2) If there is no all-resistance fault that can be replaced by optical fibers, the emergency plan should be followed to implement the direct repair and termination of replacing or blocking points. When replacing or repairing, the criterion of "first important is the critical circuit, second important is the secondary circuit" should be followed.
(3) Non-total resistance occurs in the optical cable and residual optical fibers are available. The service on the faulty core is replaced by the spare core or other optical cables.
(4) There are no residual fibers or co-routing fibers. Assuming that the blocked fibers are equipped with important circuits, other non-important circuits are used to replace the blocked fibers with fibers, and the faulty cores are repaired urgently by infix splicing.
(5) The transmission quality is stable and the system is sometimes good or bad. Assuming that there is an alternative free core or other co-routing optical cable, the service on the optical fiber can be transferred to other optical fibers.

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