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What is MPO (Multi-fiber Push On) Optical Fiber Connector and Its Applications

What is MPO (Multi-fiber Push On) Optical Fiber Connector and Its Applications

mpo multi fiber push on optical fiber connector

MPO fiber optic connector is a multi-core multi-channel plug-in connector. It is characterized by a rectangular ferrule with a nominal diameter of 6.4mm X 2.5mm, and uses two left and right guide holes with a diameter of 0.7mm on the end face of the ferrule to position and align the guide pin.
MPO connector is used for the connection of 2 to 12-core side-by-side optical fibers, and up to two rows of 24 cores can be connected at the same time. During the docking, a spring mounted on the rear end of the ferrule exerts an axial pressure on the ferrule until the outer frame sleeve of the connector is locked with the adapter. There is a male (convex) key on the top side of the ferrule, which is used to limit the relative position between the connectors when connecting to determine the correct mating order of the optical fibers.
The MPO/MTP connector interface is mated with a female plug with a guide pin hole and a male plug with a guide pin and is locked in an adapter (see figure).

diagram of mpo multi fiber push on optical fiber connector

In traditional MPO connectors that include MT ferrules, repeated plugging can cause cracks or damage to the end face near the guide hole, and ultimately affect the stability of insertion loss. By chamfering at the near end of the guide hole, the loss can be effectively reduced.
According to the grinding method of MT ferrule, MPO connectors can be divided into MPO Plane Connector: MPO connector with a flat ferrule end face, and MPO Angled Connector: MPO connector whose ferrule end face is inclined (usually 8 degree).

The Advantages of MPO cable
MPO connectors are small in size, smaller than SC type connector. The performance is high precision. Precise MT guide pin and guide hole ensure accurate fiber alignment; MPO connectors can be applied in high density networks. With precise geometric design, it can support 12 ~ 144 cores or even more optical fiber connection.

The Application of MPO cable
MPO cables are applied in high density environment of data center, Fiber to the Building (FTTB) and internal connection of optical transceivers such as optical splitters, 40G / 100G QSFP+ and QSFP28 networks.
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