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What is Difference Between Adss Optical Cable and OPGW Optical Cable?

What is Difference Between Adss Optical Cable and OPGW Optical Cable?

ADSS optical cable and OPGW optical cable are often used in communication nowadays. Do you know what are the characteristics and functions between them the same? Many people don’t know much about this aspect of knowledge. In fact, there are many similarities and differences between them and their connections. Their functions have played an important role in the development of communications. Let’s take a look at the differences between the ADSS optical cable and the OPGW optical cable.

The ADSS OFC and OPGW optical cable are erected through the unique line tower resources of the power system. The photoelectric composite optical cable attached to the power line and the power pole tower makes full use of the overhead power line corridor. Special power optical cables are less likely to be damaged by external forces, have high reliability, and low construction costs.

ADSS optical cables and OPGW optical cables rely on the power system's own line resources, avoid conflicts and entanglements with the outside world in terms of frequency resources, routing coordination, electromagnetic compatibility, etc., and have great initiative and flexibility.

The Features of OPGW Optical Cable

What is Difference Between Adss Optical Cable and OPGW Optical Cable

The outstanding feature of the overhead ground wire composite optical cable OPGW optical cable is that the communication optical cable and the overhead ground wire on the high-voltage transmission line are combined into a whole. Combining optical fiber cable technology and power transmission line technology, OPGW cable becomes a multi-functional overhead ground wire, which is not only a lightning protection wire, but also an overhead optical cable, and a shielded wire at the same time. While completing the construction of high-voltage transmission lines, it also completed the construction of communication lines, which is very suitable for new transmission lines. The Common OPGW optical cable structures are mainly aluminum-clad steel pipe type and stainless steel pipe type.

The Features of ADSS Optical Cable

What is Difference Between Adss Optical Cable and OPGW Optical Cable

The all-dielectric self-supporting ADSS optical cable uses high-strength aramid yarn with high elastic modulus as the tensile element in the manufacturing. At the same time, the optical cable has a small geometric size and the cable weight is only one-third of the ordinary optical cable. It can be directly hanged. At the appropriate position of the power tower, the additional load added to the tower is very small, and the maximum span can reach 1500m.

The outer sheath of the ADSS optical cable is treated with neutral ionization impregnation, which makes the optical cable have a strong resistance to electrical corrosion and can ensure the life of the optical cable in a strong electric field. The ADSS optical cable adopts non-metallic materials with good insulation performance and can avoid lightning strikes. When the power line fails, it will not affect the normal operation of the optical cable. Utilizing the existing power poles and towers, construction can be carried out without power failure. Erecting on the same pole as the power line can reduce the project cost. Various ADSS optical cable structures can be summarized into two main types: central tube type and layer stranded type.


The characteristics and functions of ADSS cables and OPGW cables are different. They are designed to meet different communication installation requirements, so they can be used on different occasions. As one of the leading fibre cable suppliers, UniteFiber produces a series of high-quality fiber optic cables. Such as ADSS fiber cable, OPGW optical cable, GYTA fiber cable, Figure 8 fiber cable, etc. If you need any support, don't hesitate to contact us sales@unitekfiber.com.

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