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The Introduction of LC Uni-tube Polarity Switchable Fiber Optical Jumper

The Introduction of LC Uni-tube Polarity Switchable Fiber Optical Jumper

At present, the current status of optical cable demand in the optical communications market shows that LC fiber patch cords have been favored in high-density wiring due to their "petite" connector type. Now in a high-speed, high-density data center cabling environment, how to lay more fiber optic cables in a limited space, and how to reduce the trouble of later maintenance and changes, are becoming increasingly urgent. It is also under this "high density" and "high convenience" demand that many new technologies and new products are constantly being introduced. UnitekFiber introduces a product that is very suitable for high-density wiring environment polarity switchable LC Uni-tube dual-core fiber jumper.

The characteristics of LCuni-tube polarswitchable fiber jumper

The standard LC uni-tube dual-core fiber jumper has been regarded as an upgraded version of the conventional jumper. The design of LC Uni-tube fiber jumper is that double fibers in a single tube and integrated tail sleeve. It is more compact and space-saving than the ordinary LC duplex fiber jumper. Uni-tube fiber optic jumpers are conducive to the heat dissipation of the wiring system, and they are convenient for users to plug and unplug jumpers.

The LC uni-tube polar switchable fiber jumper is better than the traditional LC uni-tube fiber jumper. It not only draws on the latter's compact advantages, but also innovatively designs the two plugs of the fiber optic connector to be interchangeable. So that the tedious problems when performing polarity conversion can be avoid . In addition, the insertion loss of this uni-tube switchable polarity LC fiber jumper does not exceed 0.2 dB, which is much more optimized than the insertion loss of 0.3 dB for standard LC fiber jumpers.

Howto easily realize the polarity conversion of LCuni-tubedual-core fiber jumper?

Generally, simplex optical fiber adopts "A" to transmit signal and "B" to receive signal at the same time, but there are two types of duplex duplexer to complete serial duplex connection. One is direct connection wiring ("A-to -B"), the other is cross wiring ("A-to-A"). Therefore, the duplex jumper has two polarities.

Conventional LC fiber patch cords have great limitations to achieve polarity conversion. Not only do they require auxiliary tools, but it is also easy to cause failed termination or many other problems due to errors in field operations. The Uni-tube polarity switchable fiber jumper is easy to complete the polarity conversion, no need to use other tools and no need to re-terminate

LC uni-tube dual-core switchable polarity fiber optic jumper has the characteristics of easy polarity conversion and low insertion loss. It is a product born for high-density wiring. UnitekFiber not only provide switchable polarity LC uni-tube optical fiber jumpers, but also provide bend-insensitive jumpers with ultra-low insertion loss. It is also a high-density wiring application. If you need any support, please contact us [email protected] at any time.