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What are the Advantage of 400G QSFP-DD Optical Transceiver Module?

What are the Advantage of 400G QSFP-DD Optical Transceiver Module?

The progress of the digital era has driven the data center network to upgrade from 100G, 400G, 800G to 1.6T higher speed rate development. 400G SFP transceiver optical module, as the mainstream, efficient and practical solution, can largely reduce costs. In this article, we will introduce 400G QSFP-DD optical modules from several aspects, including working principle, module advantages, and application.

What are the Advantage of 400G QSFP-DD Optical Transceiver Module?

Basic Working & Technical Principle of 400G QSFP-DD SFP Module

400G optical modules are mainly used for photoelectric conversion. At the sending end, electrical signals are converted into optical signals and then transmitted through optical fibers. At the receiving end, the optical signal is converted into an electrical signal. The 400G SFP transceiver modules are based on multiple wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) technology, which enables high-speed transmission by simultaneously transmitting multiple optical signals of different wavelengths over a single fiber.

400G SFP transceiver typically use more advanced modulation techniques, such as PAM4 (Pulse Amplitude Modulation), as well as more sophisticated signal processing algorithms to improve signal transmission quality and distance. Advanced DSP chips and algorithms as well as high-speed coherent optical devices play a key role in high-speed coherent optical modules.

What are the Advantage of 400G QSFP-DD Optical Transceiver Module?

The Advantages of 400G QSFP-DD SFP Optical Module

1. High-speed Transmission

Compared with previous 100G or 200G SFP module, 400G QSFP-DD SFP transceiver can provide greater bandwidth to 400G, making it better able to meet the needs of modern high-speed data transmission rate.

2. Compact Packaging

400G QSFP-DD  optical transceiver uses QSFP-DD packaging. The number of the 400G SFP transceiver module interfaces has doubled, which can provide higher bandwidth density while maintaining a small physical size. This allows more transceiver module to be accommodated in limited cabinet space, improving the overall performance of the data center.

3. Low Power Consumption Design

As the requirements for energy conservation become higher and higher, the design of the 400G QSFP-DD optical module focuses on low power consumption, allowing it to maintain low energy consumption while transmitting at high speeds, providing data centers with effective solutions for energy conservation and environmental protection.

4. Reliability and Stability

The 400G QSFP-DD SFP module from UnitekFiber adopts advanced technology and strict quality control standards during the design and manufacturing process to ensure its reliability and stability in various working environments. This means users can confidently apply the 400G QSFP-DD SFP transceiver to a variety of mission-critical and important data transfer scenarios.

What are the Advantage of 400G QSFP-DD Optical Transceiver Module?


400G QSFP-DD optical module are suitable for broadband network, data center interconnection, cloud computing and other fields. In the data center, 400G optical modules can meet the increasing requirements of data centers for scalability, reliability and low latency. Suitable for high-speed transmission and long-distance transmission, etc. 400G QSFP-DD optical modules, with its high performance, small size, low power consumption and other advantages, will play an important role in the field of high-speed optical transmission in the future.

UnitekFiber is a trusted and reputable fiber optical transceiver module supplier specializing in providing a wide range of fiber optic product for various networking and data communication applications. Whatever you require SFP transceiver module from 1.25G to 400G for high-density data center, UnitekFiber has got you covered. For any inquiries or further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at sales@unitekfiber.com.

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