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How to Choose MPO/MTP Fiber Connector?

How to Choose MPO/MTP Fiber Connector?

How to Choose MPO/MTP Fiber Connector

With the high-speed transmission and data capacity requirements of 40G/100G network cabling in data centers, the application of high-density MPO/MTP fiber connectors and patch cords is becoming popular. The MPO/MTP fiber optic connector is a multi-core connector that can provide multi-fiber connections in one connector, thus supporting higher bandwidth and higher density applications. What is the difference between MPO and MTP?

MPO is "Multi-fiber Push On", which is the first-generation shrapnel-clamped multi-core connector developed by Japan NTT Communications Corporation in the 1980s. The size of the MPO connector is similar to the ordinary SC connector, but the density has increased several times. Generally, 12-core optical fibers can be arranged in a row, supporting one or more rows of optical fibers in the same MPO connector. According to the different number of cores discharged in the connector, they are divided into one row (12 cores) and multiple rows (24 cores or more). Applied to 400Gb can also be 16/32 core arrangement. In this way, an MPO connector can realize the simultaneous transmission of 12-core or more optical fiber signals, which saves a lot of space and resources for optical fiber cabling.

How to Choose MPO/MTP Fiber Connector

MTP is a registered trademark of US Conec, and its multi-core connector parts and ferrules are specifically called MTP connectors. The MTP and MPO optical fiber connectors are in compliance with the international standard "IEC-61754-7" and the American standard "TIA-604-5 (FOCIS5)", which shows that the two are compatible to a certain extent. MTP fiber jumper is a high-performance MPO connector with more optimized optical and mechanical performance. The appearance design is slightly different, but the two can be interchanged and interconnected.

MTP connectors are specially designed to improve performance and usability compared to MPO connector. The difference between the two mainly has the following points:
1.The outer frame sleeve of the MTP connector is designed to be removable, which is convenient for users to reprocess and polish the MT ferrule and flexibly change the feminine and masculine .
2. The floating ferrule of the MTP optical fiber connector can improve the transmission performance during mechanical docking.
3. There is a metal pin clip in the MTP fiber connector to fix the push ring, minimizing the accidental break when mating with the connector
4. The elliptical guide pin (PIN) of the MTP fiber optic connector is made of metal and oval design, which can maintain high-performance transmission more lasting.

How to Choose MPO/MTP Fiber Connector

MPO/MTP optical fiber connectors are small in size and high in density, and can support multi-core optical fiber connections, which greatly saves the space occupied by line ports and cables, so that higher density cabling can be achieved in a certain space. Great flexibility and scalability also make cabling deployment easier and more adaptable to future network upgrades, expansions and changes.

UnitekFiber provides 25G,100, 400G data center cabling products(MPO/MTP cable, high density patch panels), optical transceivers, WDM wavelength division multiplexers, optical switches and other products, which are widely used in FTTx, telecommunications, 5G networks, data centers and other fields.

If you neen more information or support on fiber optical products, please don’t hesitate to contact us sales@unitekfiber.com, we will try our best to support you.

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