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25G Optical Module for 5G Fronthaul, midthaul and backhaul

25G Optical Module for 5G Fronthaul, midthaul and backhaul

With the large-scale commercialization of 5G in 2020, 5G wireless optical modules, which are core components of base stations and transmission equipment, have shown explosive growth. Especially the huge market potential of 5G fronthaul optical transceiver modules has been coveted by various manufacturers. 5G wireless optical modules have been widely used in the construction of 5G signal base stations, of which the number of 5G fronthaul 25G optical modules shipped is the first in the world.
25G Optical Module
Unlike previous 3G and 4G mobile communications, 5G mobile communications technology is not only an upgrade, but also create a fully connected new world. 5G optical modules that play a role in photoelectric signal conversion are indispensable for 5G networks to truly achieve large bandwidth, low latency, and massive connections. According to predictions, the entire 5G network will bring tens millions of increments to high-speed optical modules, and the total demand for 5G optical modules will be 2 to 4 times that of 4G. It is expected that the demand for 5G fronthaul optical modules in 2020 will reach the level of ten million.
With a new round of development opportunities, UnitekFiber has carried out an all-round layout from optical chip to optical module in advance, including various optical modules and optical chip products required for scenarios such as fronthaul, midstream and backhaul. With the rich experience accumulated in the 4G period, as well as many advantages in technology investment and quality assurance, UnitekFiber has won a certain domestic and foreign market shares.
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