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What Is the Difference Between G.654 And G.652 Fiber

What Is the Difference Between G.654 And G.652 Fiber

With the increase in traffic demand and the development of the Internet and 5G, telecom operators and equipment manufacturers have begun to consider higher bandwidth to meet the needs of users for high-traffic video, 4k/8K and other high-definition and ultra-high-definition services. Therefore the G.654 fiber has received more attention.

From a technical point of view,compared to G.652 fiber, G.654.E fiber has no obvious advantages in power-free relay distance, which can extend the transmission distance of no-electric relay, up to 900km or more, and reduce the setting of relay station.

From the perspective of comprehensive cost, fiber optic cable, transmission equipment and office energy consumption increase part of the fiber cost. The use of G.654.E fiber increases the cost of fiber optic cable compared to G.652.D fiber, but the investment saved by the integrated measurement system has a slight advantage over the G.652.D fiber compared to the increased investment in fiber optic cable. The advantage is more obvious under the 400G technology..

From the perspective of telecom operators, low-loss optical fibers are based on conventional fiber optic technology, which reduces the cost reduction by improving the preform purity and wire drawing process. China Telecom introduced low-loss fiber and ultra-low-loss fiber, which promoted the commercial use of G.654 fiber..

Through a large amount of practical research and comparison with G.652 fiber, G.654 ultra-low loss fiber can increase the distance of non-electrical relay transmission and reduce the total cost of optical relay nodes and systems. Therefore, it is conducive to the future construction of information networks by operators and industries. In addition, in the environment of super 100G development, the new fiber of G.654 series is the trend of the times.

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