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What is the Application of DWDM Wavelength Division Multiplexer

What is the Application of DWDM Wavelength Division Multiplexer

UnitekFiber launched a high-speed, large-capacity wavelength division multiplexer transmission system. The channel output can reach 48 waves, the single-channel high-speed rate is 40Gbit/s, and the total capacity reaches 1920Gbit, which can meet the large capacity and long length of operators to a large extent. The demand for distance transmission is a good solution to cope with the shortage of optical cable resources.

Combining the high bandwidth requirements of the metropolitan area network and the short transmission distance, the DWDM wavelength division multiplexer equipment of G.652, G.653, and G.655 fiber produced by UnitekFiber adopts 5U+1U architecture, which is convenient for upgrading and expansion. ; The technical advantages of dense wavelength division multiplexing and high bandwidth, as well as many advantages such as multi-service interface, low cost, low power consumption, and small size, make it have very broad application prospects in metro optical networks.

The Application DWDM Wavelength Division Multiplexer Equipment Point-to-point


In the point-to-point topology, the equipment uses limited optical fiber resources to multiplex several times original bandwidth to realize the two-way convergence of multiple services between two points, which has a larger bandwidth capacity than CWDM.

DWDM Chain Networking


Adopt OADM chain network

Using wavelength division multiplexing terminal equipment (MUX/DMUX) and optical add/drop multiplexing equipment (OADM) to cooperate, add and drop several wavelengths, construct a chain network in metro optical communication.

DWDM Wave Division Equipment Ring Network Networking



Use multiple wave channels to realize a symmetric business ring network in dual-fiber resources. The main route is interrupted, and the business is automatically switched to the backup route. The business side and multiplex section group ring protection are implemented to ensure stable service transmission and improve the stability of the system , At the same time, each channel of DWDM is independent of each other, and there is no interference in mutual communication, which improves service capacity and saves fiber resources, while ensuring the safety and stability of service signals, fully embodying the advantages of wavelength division multiplexers.

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