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What is Fiber Cable? How to Classify the Types of Fiber Cables?

What is Fiber Cable? How to Classify the Types of Fiber Cables?

Fiber cable is a kind of communication line in which a certain number of fibers are assembled according to a certain way. Some of them are wrapped with sheaths or outer sheaths, which are used to protect the fibers and realize the transmission of optical signals. Optical cables usually consist of one or more fibers.

There are different types of fiber cables, and there are various classification methods. Here are some commonly used classification methods.

First, classification according to structure

According to the structure, it can be divided into layered stranded fiber cable and bundle tube fiber cable.

(1) Layered stranded fiber cable
The layered stranded fiber cable is a rounded core composed of several reinforcing parts which hold the loosen sleeve around the center of the fiber. Metal or non-metal reinforcements are located in the center of the optical cable, and loose sleeves containing fiber cables are arranged around the reinforcements.

(2) Bundle tube fiber cable
The loose sleeve of the central bundle tube is located in the center of the optical cable, and the metal or non-metal reinforcements are arranged around the loose sleeve. The bundle-and-tube type optical cable inserts the optical fiber into the spiral space loose sleeve made of high modulus plastic. The sleeve is filled with waterproof compound. A layer of water-resisting material and armor material are applied outside the sleeve. Two parallel wires are placed on both sides and polyethylene sheathed cable is extruded.
The central bundle tube type fiber cable has simple structure, simple manufacturing process, better protection for optical fiber than other structures, which can withstand side pressure, thus improving the stability of network transmission; small cross section, light weight, especially suitable for overhead laying; flexible number of optical fibers in bundle tube.

Second, according to the use environment

Fiber cables by fibre cable suppliers can be divided into indoor and outdoor cables according to different use environments.

(1) Indoor fiber cables have smaller tensile strength and thinner protective layer, but they are relatively lighter and more economical. Indoor optical cables are mainly used in horizontal wiring subsystems and backbone subsystems.

(2) Outdoor optical cables have high tensile strength, thick protective layer, which are usually wrapped in metal skin. Outdoor optical cables are mostly used in building group subsystems, and can be used in outdoor buried, pipeline and other occasions.


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