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What is Bend-insensitive Fiber Optic Jumper?

What is Bend-insensitive Fiber Optic Jumper?

With the progress of the Internet era, people have higher demands for the speed of the network. Optical communications, optical networks, and optical sensing technologies are also constantly developing with people's needs, and now fiber to the home has been fully popularized. When performing fiber optic wiring, fiber jumpers will inevitably be bent during the wiring process. However, the optical fiber is brittle and fragile, and it will produce loss after bending, which will lead to slow transmission or interruption. This is called the bending sensitivity of fiber jumpers.


Based on this problem, bend-insensitive fiber jumper is a kind of fiber jumper that bending does not affect loss. So what is a bend-insensitive fiber optic jumper? Next, Unitekfiber introduces the non-bending and insensitive fiber optic jumper to you.

When an ordinary optical fiber is bent, the optical fiber cannot meet the full internal emission condition, and the resulting optical signal leakage is called bending loss. The bending loss of optical fiber jumpers is divided into two types: macro-bending loss and micro-bending loss. The macro-bending loss is caused by the bending of the fiber whose radius of curvature is larger than the fiber diameter, and the micro-bending loss is caused by the bending of the fiber axis. Bending loss is prone to occur in laying the wiring. When the optical fiber is subjected to uneven pressure, the temperature change is prone to produce micro-bending loss. Both of these two kinds of bending losses are caused by the non-inward bending characteristics of conventional optical fibers. The structure of the bending-insensitive fiber jumper is mainly improved. A special optical groove ring is added between the core and the cladding to limit the leakage of light and reduce the loss. In addition, the core diameter, bandwidth, and jacket protection of the bend-insensitive optical fiber have also been improved. The purpose is to strengthen the bending resistance of the jumper in practical applications. This is the bending-insensitive fiber jumper, and it is also what people call an internally bent fiber optic jumper.

Types of bend-insensitive fiber jumpers


Bending insensitive fiber jumpers are divided into single-mode and multi-mode. The specifications and models are divided into:  

ST\FC\SC\LC\MTRJ\MU\SMA\MTP\MPO, etc. These bend-insensitive ones are the first choice for fiber to the home, and multi-mode bend-insensitive fiber optic jumper is not sensitive even if the fiber jumper is knotted. It can also ensure the normal transmission of optical signals, which is suitable for indoor wiring, short-distance transmission, and first of all in data centers.

In addition to meeting your demands in terms of performance, the bend-insensitive fiber optic jumpers supplied by Unitekfiber can also be made according to your requirements, including connectors, optical cables, and packaging that can meet your requirements.

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