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What Are the Advantages of MPO&MTP Cable in 5G Data Center

What Are the Advantages of MPO&MTP Cable in 5G Data Center

mpo&mtp cable in 5g data center

In the 2G/3G/4G era, mobile communication services are mainly embodied in voice and data services. With the increase in transmission speed and delay brought about by the 5G era, 5G can be deployed in more fields, such as VR/AR, autonomous driving, intelligent manufacturing, smart home, and Internet of Things. In the 5G paving project, the demand for fiber optic cable will also grow rapidly. Among them, the MPO/MTP cable with advantages has begun to gain more attention. This article will take a closer look at the advantages of MPO/MTP cables in 5G data centers.

Seven advantages of applying MPO/MTP cables in the data center:

1. Guarantee the effectiveness and safety of the investment. Although the application of MPO/MTP cable provides high requirements for the integrator's preliminary and actual site survey capabilities, it can fully protect the investor's control over the project and the right to use the product, avoiding material waste and project investment risks.

2. Affordable. Overall, the MPO/MTP pre-end approach does not add additional costs.

3. Easy to operate, easy to install, save installation time, and plug and play. We can make a simple comparison, such as laying a 288-core fiber optic cable, 3 construction workers, 2 sets of equipment, using traditional fusion fiber method, laying about 2 hours, and the time required for the fusion fiber plus installation is about 8 hours, a total of about 10 hours. And If the MPO/MTP pre-fabricated cable is used, the laying time is still 2 hours, but the installation time is greatly reduced, which takes about 45 minutes, which undoubtedly has a huge advantage in time cost.

4. The MPO/MTP pre-cast cable is fully tested in the factory, and no additional products are added during the installation process. The field test operation is simple.

5. The fiber link protection is sufficient, no solder joints and bare fibers are exposed to the air, and there are no problems such as aging and joint breakage.

6. Safe and easy to maintain, the mechanical performance of the MPO/MTP pre-harvest cable splitter is excellent, and the maintenance or operation process will not affect the normal use of the fiber.

7. Reinstallable and removable, the MPO/MTP patch panel can be quickly plugged and unloaded and reinstalled as needed.

Compared with ordinary fiber optic cable, the main features of MPO/MTP cable are high density and pre-formed end, and finally embodied in MPO/MTP multi-core connector.
Throughout the development of the industry, fiber optic connectors have two distinct stages of development. The first phase is to save space, fiber optic connectors evolved from the traditional FC, ST, SC to LC, MTRJ. The second phase is not only to save space but also to meet the requirements of multi-core use, fiber optic connectors evolved from LC, MTRJ to MU, MPO/MTP.

With the rapid development of 5G, data center interconnection, fiber sensing, and next-generation fiber technology, ultra-large capacity, ultra-high-speed, ultra-long-haul optical transmission networks will become necessary for 5G data center construction. Therefore, the technical and cost advantages of MPO/MTP cable make it very likely to become the mainstream way for future operators to build 5G data centers.                    

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