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How to Maintain SFP Optical Transceiver

How to Maintain SFP Optical Transceiver

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The SFP optical transceiver integrates high-precision optical components and circuit components, and requires great attention to its working. For the optical transceiver module with such high operating specifications, how should we maintain it in daily life? And how to maintain SFP optical transceives ?

UnitekFiber will introduce you the following points:

1) Handle with care;

2) Positive optical port insertion

3) Avoid long-term exposure and use dust caps;

What are the precautions for daily maintenance of optical transceiver modules?

In the daily maintenance, pay attention to two aspects:

1) Optical port protection

2) ESD protection

Specific precautions for optical port protection

1) Select a fiber optic connector that meets network access standards;

2) The fiber optic connector must have a sealing cap. When it is not in use, cover the sealing cap to avoid the pollution, and also avoid the secondary pollution of the optical port of the optical transceiver module. The sealing cap should be stored in a dust-proof and clean place when not in use.

3) The insertion of the optical fiber connector is horizontally aligned with the optical port to avoid scratches on the end face and sleeve;

4) Do not expose the optical port of the optical transceiver module to the outside for a long time, and cover the optical port plug when not in use. Store the optical port plug in a dust-proof and clean place;

5) Keep the end face of the fiber optic connector clean.

ESD protection precautions

1) Keep the humidity of the environment at 30~75%RH;

2) When operating the SFP optical module, do electrostatic protection work (such as: using an electrostatic ring or releasing static electricity by touching the case in advance), touching the SFP optical module housing, and avoiding touching the SFP optical module PIN pins;

3) The related equipment used is grounded at the common grounding point that is grounded in parallel to ensure the shortest grounding path and the smallest grounding loop, and cannot be grounded in series.

4) When packaging and turnover, use anti-static packaging and anti-static turnover boxes/cars;

5) Don’t allow to perform live plugging and unplugging of non-hot-pluggable equipment;

6) Avoid using a multimeter pen to directly detect static-sensitive pins.

The above SFP optical module maintenance experiences hope to help you use the optical module correctly. UnitekFiber provides a series of SFP optical transceiver modules, such as 1.25G SFP optical modules, 10G SFP+ optical modules, 10G XFP optical modules, 25G SFP28, 40G AQSFP+ 100G QSFP28, 200G and 400G optical transceivers etc.. If you need any information or support on optical transceivers, please feel free to contact us at sales@unitekfiber.com

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