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How to Choose an Industrial Ethernet Switch?

How to Choose an Industrial Ethernet Switch?

Industrial Ethernet switch is mainly divided into two types, half-duplex and full-duplex. The main difference between them is that the difference in working performance and working scene. Due to the different working pattern, the prices are different. When you purchase an industrial Ethernet switch, you need to make comprehensive considerations in many aspects, and you must also understand and learn the following concepts.

How to Choose an Industrial Ethernet Switch

1. The Features of Industrial Ethernet Switch

The design and packaging of Industrial Ethernet switch meet industrial and commercial requirements.The designer of the industrial field hopes that the industrial switch adopts the Ethernet chips that can be found on the market, while considering the special requirements of the industrial field. The first consideration of a gigabit industrial Ethernet switch is high temperature, humidity, and vibration. The second consideration is to see if it can be easily installed in the industrial field control cabinet. The third consideration is the power requirement. The power supply provided in many control cabinets is low-voltage AC or DC. Wall-mounted power supply devices are sometimes not adaptable. The factory may use industrial control cabinet standards, while building systems often use smoke standards.

2. The Communication service rate of Industrial Ethernet Switch

Industrial Ethernet Switch ports are divided into 100M, 1000m and 10Gigabits. According to the business needs, select the appropriate port to ensure the broadband that can carry the business data. At the same time, in terms of communication, it is necessary to calculate the required number of RJ45 interfaces and optical fiber interfaces,and consider the issue of capacity expansion.

3. Should you buy a managed or unmanaged industrial switch?

If the network architecture is simple, then plug-and-play unmanaged industrial switches are suitable. If you take into account the convenience of subsequent maintenance and other factors, managed industrial switches are a better choice, because only managed industrial switches can achieve redundancy. 

How to Choose an Industrial Ethernet Switch

4. Speed and Distance of Industrial Ethernet Switch

The media access of shared Ethernet or half-duplex Ethernet is determined by carrier sense multiple access. In the half-duplex communication mode, sending and receiving cannot be performed at the same time, otherwise data collisions will occur. Before sending, the industrial Ethernet switch site must first check whether there is a free channel. When sending, the site will listen for a period of time to ensure that no other sites are performing synchronous transmission during this time, and then confirm that the industrial Ethernet switch sends data from this site successfully.

5. Industry standardization of industrial switches

The selected industrial Ethernet switch must meet industry specifications. For example, in high-risk situations, you need to select the products that meet the corresponding certification specifications. The rail transit industry must choose products recognized by the rail transit industry.

6. The Working Environment of Industrial Ethernet Switch

The working environment of industrial Ethernet switch mainly consider temperature and humidity, EMC electromagnetic compatibility, protection grade, installation method and power supply. Industrial switches are mainly suitable for extreme environments.

No matter which industrial Ethernet switch we choose, it needs to be protected scientifically and used correctly. They need to adapt to the external environment. Therefore, you must form a scientific awareness when purchasing and using industrial Ethernet switches.

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