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How do you connect fiber optic cable to SFP?

How do you connect fiber optic cable to SFP?

The steps to connect the fiber optic cable to the SFP optical module are as follows:

Confirming the Optical Module Fiber Interface Type

At present, the common optical modules are divided into LC interface, SC interface and MPO interface, and the LC interface is divided into simplex and duplex. The electrical port module uses the RJ45 interface. To realize information exchange between the optical modules, the two optical modules must be connected together. The jumpers connecting the two modules need to match their interfaces before they can be inserted for transmission.

How do you connect fiber optic cable to SFP?

Precautions for Installing SFP Transceiver

Before installing the SFP transceiver, make sure to disconnect all cables to prevent damage to cables, connectors, and optics.

Try not to install and remove SFP transceivers too frequently, as this may shorten their life expectancy.

The transceiver module is sensitive to static electricity. It is recommended to use an anti-static wrist strap or similar grounding device during installation and removal.

Never remove the dust plugs from the SFP transceivers unless they are ready for use. Likewise, the dust plug on the SFP transceiver protects the optical hole and must not be removed until a jumper wire is connected to it.

Inspection before fiber optic cable connection

Before connecting the optical cable to the SFP optical module, mainly check whether the optical cable is damaged, check whether the outer sheath of the optical cable is damaged, whether the writing on the cable sheath is clear and wear-resistant, and whether the sealing of the optical cable end is intact.

You can also use an active connector to connect the fiber under test to the test pigtail, then use an OTDR to test the length and average loss of the fiber, and compare it with the factory test index of the fiber to see if there is any error. At the same time, check whether there are attenuation steps and reflection peaks on the backscattering curve of the fiber.

Start connecting the fiber optic cables to the SFP

Remove the SFP transceiver module from its protective packaging.

Check the label on the body of the SFP to verify that it is the correct model for your network.

Locate the transmit (TX) and receive (RX) markings that identify the top of the SFP transceiver.

Place the SFP transceiver in front of the fiber optic connector.

Insert the SFP optical module into the port of the fiber optical cable connector, and push down gently until the SFP optical module is locked.

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How do you connect fiber optic cable to SFP?

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