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How to Connect MPO Optical Transceiver Module and LC Optical Transceiver Module?

How to Connect MPO Optical Transceiver Module and LC Optical Transceiver Module?

In this era of networking, how are the optical transceiver modules in the data center connected? The optical transceiver modules on the market are more commonly used with MPO and LC interfaces. How should we connect two optical modules with different interfaces? Today UnitekFiber will give you a brief introduction.

MPO fiber patch cord or LC fiber patch cord can realize the connection between the two. For the connection between different interface transceiver modules, we need to use MPO backbone fiber patch cords and LC duplex fiber patch cords, as well as fiber optic adapter panels, MPO-LC fiber distribution boxes and other fiber optic wiring products.

We will mainly talk about the connections of QSFP+ optical transceiver modules and SFP+ optical transceiver modules, CFP optical transceiver modules and SFP+ optical transceiver modules.

The Direct Connection Solution of Optical Transceiver Module

When connecting an 8cores QSFP+ optical transceiver module with MPO interface and 4 dual LC interface optical modules, we need to use an MPO-LC branch fiber jumper, but this direct connection scheme can only be used on the same rack.


The Interconnect solutions of Optical Transceiver Module

The picture shows a QSFP+ optical module to SFP optical module interconnection method. The QSFP+ optical modules and SFP+ optical modules on both sides are connected to the MPO backbone fiber jumper and the LC duplex fiber jumper respectively. A fiber adapter panel is required between the MPO backbone fiber jumper and the LC duplex fiber jumper, and the MPO backbone jumper and MPO-LC fiber are wired and connected. The secondary connection method allows the replacement of equipment at both ends of the fiber link. The specific connection method and the required fiber optic equipment are shown in the following figure.


The picture is another QSFP+ optical module to SFP+ optical module interconnection method. This kind of connection scheme is different from the last connection scheme is the optical fiber access equipment at the end of the SFP+ optical module. After that, it is mainly connected with the SFP+ optical module through the fiber optic adapter panel and the LC dual-core branch fiber jumper. However, because the SFP+ optical module ports must be located on the same chassis. The disadvantage of this method is the lack of flexibility at the end of SFP+ optical module. That is to say, this connection scheme does not allow the replacement of optical fiber access equipment at the end SFP+ optical module.


The Cross-connect Solution of Optical Transceiver Module

Two methods can realize the cross connection of QSFP+ optical module to SFP+ optical module. The main difference is shown on the side of QSFP+ optical module. The first cross-connection scheme is mainly to complete the connection through MPO backbone fiber jumpers, MPO-LC fiber distribution boxes and LC duplex fiber jumpers. The second cross-connect solution is more complicated. In addition to the fiber optic equipment used in the first solution, it also needs to use a fiber optic adapter panel. This cross-connection method is more suitable for applications with longer distribution ranges. At this time, it is necessary to ensure that the backbone optical cable of the splice tray is not damaged.


UnitekFiber produces optical fiber patch cords, optical fiber wavelength division multiplexers, optical fiber splitters, fiber indoor/outdoor cables, optical patch panels etc. At the same time, it also produces optical transceiver modules, which can provide With different package types, transmission distance and transmission rate, it also has the characteristics of stable performance and strong compatibility. If you need any support,don't hesitate to contact us sales@unitekfiber.com.

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