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Difference Between Active Optical Cable vs Optical Transceiver

Difference Between Active Optical Cable vs Optical Transceiver

What is active optical cable?

An AOC cable consists of optical transceivers module embedded at both ends of the cable. These transceivers module convert electrical signals into optical signals for transmission over the fiber-optic cable and then convert them back to electrical signals at the receiving end. The transceivers module contain integrated circuits and laser diodes (or LEDs) that enable the transmission and reception of data.

Optical Transceiver

What is optical transceiver?

An optical transceiver module, also known as an optical module or optic, is a device that combines both a transmitter module and a receiver in a single module. It is used in data communication systems to convert electrical signals into optical signals for transmission over fiber-optic cables and vice versa.

Transceiver Module

What is the difference between AOC and optical transceiver?

Active Optical Cable (AOC):

●A complete cable assembly that integrates fiber optics and electronics.

●Used for short-range, high-speed data transmission within data centers or between switches.

●Provides higher bandwidth, longer reach, and immunity to electromagnetic interference.

●Optical Transceiver:

●Standalone module combining a transmitter and a receiver.

●Used within networking devices like switches, routers, NICs.

●Offers flexibility with different fiber types and comes in various form factors.

Cost of AOC vs optical transceiver

AOC cable are complete cable assemblies that include integrated electronics, which can contribute to their higher cost. They are designed to provide a plug-and-play solution with the transceivers embedded within the cable connectors. As a result, AOC cable can be more expensive due to the additional components and manufacturing complexity involved.

On the other hand, optical transceiver module are standalone modules that can be used with different types of fiber optic cable. They come in various form factors such as SFP, QSFP, XFP or CFP, allowing flexibility in network design and deployment. Optical transceiver module typically have a relatively lower cost compared to AOC cable because they are standalone units without the added cable integration.

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