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Professional Manufacturer of Fiber Optic Cable and Component
  • Fiber Optic Cable Fiber Optic Cable
    Extensive seletcions of fiber optical cable types: Flat drop cable, Duct drop cable, Armored drop cable, Simplex indoor cable, Duplex indoor cable, Distribution cable, Branch cable, Blowing installation cable, with properties of flame retardant, anti-rodent, anti-termite, etc.
  • Fiber Cable Management Fiber Cable Management
    UnitekFiber provides fiber cable splice closure is made of high strength, reliable sealing and convenient construction. With the development of the telecommunication market, our engineer team is committed to research and development new products to meet the market use. 
  • WDM & Optical Access WDM & Optical Access

    Optical access network (OAN) refers to the use of optical fiber as the main transmission medium to realize the information transmission function of the access network. With the development of optical transport networks and the explosive growth of data services.

  • Fiber Optic Connectivity Fiber Optic Connectivity
    Fiber optic connectivity,  is a device for detachable connection between optical fiber cables. To some extent, fiber optic connectivity affects the reliability and performance of optical transmission systems.
  • Optical Transceiver Optical Transceiver

    The optical transceiver module is composed of optoelectronic devices, functional circuits and optical interfaces. The optoelectronic device includes two parts: transmitting and receiving. The transmitting part is an electric signal with a certain bit rate input, which is processed by an internal driver chip to drive a semiconductor laser (LD) or a light emitting diode (LED) to emit a modulated optical signal at a corresponding rate.

  • Enthernet Switch Enthernet Switch

    Ethernet is a computer local area network technology. The optical access network includes remote equipment-optical network unit and central office equipment-optical line terminal, which are connected through transmission equipment.

  • Media Converter Media Converter

    The media converter is a device for signal conversion, usually referred to a fiber optic media converter. According to the network management, it can be divided into network management optical Media Converter and non-network management optical media converter.

  • Fiber Optic Components Fiber Optic Components
    UnitekFiber offers a wide variety of fiber optical components such as fiber optical connectors, adapters, and attenuators that can be used to effectively connect fiber optic cables in various of industries and applications.
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UnitekFiber Solution is a national Hi-tech optoelectronics company engaged in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of fiber optical products and accessories.Providing professional products and services for fiber connectivity,WDM, PLC splitter and high density datacom cabling. Our products and solutions are widely applied in 4G/5G, Data Center and Cloud Computing industry etc.
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