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What's the Best Industrial Ethernet Switch?

Nowadays, Industrial Ethernet Switches are very popular in large LANs. With the unprecedented development of network technology, Industrial Ethernet switch are becoming more abundant. Faced with many manufacturers and products, only by understanding the characteristics of the product can you buy a good switch.

What's the Best Industrial Ethernet Switch

In fact, the transmission performance of industrial Ethernet switches mainly lies in the material selection of key equipment, because the performance of each key equipment is likely to have different effects on industrial switches. For example, the performance of some rack-mounted industrial switches is closely related to the selection of industrial-grade chip types. A good switch should have the following process design.

The Celection of Industrial Ethernet Switch CPU

CPU is a particularly important processing center of industrial Ethernet switches. Generally speaking, to ensure that industrial-grade switches avoid zero packet loss under long-term operation. It is generally recommended to use high-performance industrial-grade chips. This chip can ensure that the device has high protocol processing capabilities and network real-time performance in high and low temperature environments, and it can also ensure lossless transmission of signals under high and low temperature operations.

PCB Process of Industrial Ethernet Switch

The PCB process of industrial Ethernet switches is very different from that of ordinary fiber switches. For example, the communication interface and power interface circuit of industrial Ethernet switches have been designed for lightning protection. At the same time, all PCB lines and interfaces have been designed for anti-corrosion and anti-impact. This ensures the industrial Ethernet switches can operate stably in harsh electromagnetic environments. At the same time, the anti-corrosion design of multi-layer wiring can promote the switch to have better application performance.

What's the Best Industrial Ethernet Switch

Power Supply Design of Indsutrial Ethernet Switch

The impact resistance and power rating of industrial Ethernet switches are much higher than those of ordinary fiber switches. In fact, most industrial Ethernet switches use industrial-grade power supply modules and a redundant power input design. This power supply design mode can ensure a more balanced power supply load. In addition, the industrial-grade power module also has the characteristic of zero switching time in the event of abnormal power failure.

Heat Dissipation Design of Industrial Ethernet Switch

Some industrial ethernet switches with high functions and multiple loads are prone to poor heat dissipation during operation. In order to ensure that the industrial Ethernet switch has a good heat dissipation function, it is necessary to ensure a reasonable design of the heat sink, heat dissipation contacts, and component layout. So that the key devices can work normally at high temperatures to avoid packet loss in long-term high and low temperatures.

The industrial Ethernet switches produced and sold by UnitekFiber all use high-performance industrial-grade chips and excellent heat dissipation design. UnitkeFiber chooses industrial-grade power module, lightning protection, corrosion protection and impact design of PCB circuit interface. It is a high-quality Industrial ethernet switch that you are worth to order. 

For the more information, please contact us at sales@unitekfiber.com .We will try our best to support you. 

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