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What Is Fiber Optic Adapter

What Is Fiber Optic Adapter

What is fiber optic adapter

Fiber optic adapter (also known as fiber optic flanges, mating sleeves and couplers), are fiber optic active components. Optical fiber adapters are the most useful optical passive devices in optical fiber communication systems. The fiber optic adapter plays the role of aligning the sleeve. In addition, the fiber optic coupler is usually equipped with metal or non-metal flanges to facilitate the installation and fixation of the connector.

What Is Fiber Optic Adapter

Both ends of the fiber adapter connect with fiber connectors of different interface types to achieve conversion between different interfaces such as FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, MPO, and E2000. It is widely used in optical fiber distribution frames (ODF), optical fiber communication equipment, Instruments, etc..

Features of Fiber Optic Adapter

1. Passed 100% optical performance test, ceramic (zirconia) casing, processed with imported high-precision machine tool, high product finish, precise axis positioning, to ensure the coaxiality of the product and the accuracy factor of concentricity;

2. The unique design of the integrated internal structure, the structure is simpler, easier to use, easy to assemble, and improve efficiency;

3. Good stability performance, small insertion loss in continuous insertion test.

Classification of fiber optic adapters

There are various forms of fiber optic adapters. The adapters commonly used in EPON networks are APC adapters.

According to the different application scope and requirements of the fiber optic adapter, in order to fix it on various panels, the fiber optic adapter is also designed with a variety of fine fixing flanges. The fiber adapter can connect different types of fiber jumper interfaces. Duplex and multi cores adapters can increase the installation density. According to the difference in appearance structure and docking section, fiber adapters can be roughly divided into the following common models: FC, SC, ST, LC, FC-SC, FC-ST, ST-SC, in addition to some male to female hybird fiber optic adapter.

FC fiber adapter

What Is Fiber Optic Adapter What Is Fiber Optic Adapter

The external reinforcement method of FC fiber adapter is a metal body with screw buckle fastening method. FC fiber adapter adopts butt end with ceramic pins. This type of adapter is simple in structure, easy to operate, and easy to manufacture. However, the fiber end is more sensitive to fine dust, and Fresnel reflection is easy to occur. It is difficult to improve the return loss performance. Later, this type of adapter was improved, using a spherical pin (PC) with a mating end face, and the external structure was not changed, which made the insertion loss and return loss performance greatly improved.

SC fiber optic adapter

What Is Fiber Optic Adapter

The body of the SC fiber adapter is rectangular, and the structural dimensions of the pin and coupling sleeve used are exactly the same as the FC type. Among them, the interfaces of the adapter pins are mostly UPC or APC type grinding method. The tightening method of SC adapter is a plug-in pin bolt type, without rotating. The adapter is equipped with metal shrapnel, which is convenient for concealed installation. The SC adapter is inexpensive and easy to install and operate. The insertion loss fluctuation is small, and the compressive strength is high, which is suitable for high-density installation.

ST fiber adapter

What Is Fiber Optic Adapter What Is Fiber Optic Adapter

ST fiber optic adapter is a snap-on locking structure with key to ensure accurate alignment during connection and has strong tensile strength. Metal key positioning improves the repeatability and durability of the adapter. ST fiber adpter adopts precision ceramic or copper sleeves to ensure long-term stable mechanical properties and optical properties. Designed in rectangular structure, tapping riveting is easy to install.

LC fiber adapter

What Is Fiber Optic Adapter

The LC fiber adapter is made with a modular jack (RJ) latch mechanism that is easy to operate. LC fiber adapter adopts small size pins and sleeves which can increase the density of fiber connectors in the fiber distribution frame. And with adopts precision ceramic sleeve, long-term stable mechanical and optical performance can be ensured.

MT-RJ fiber optic adapter

What Is Fiber Optic Adapter

MT-RJ started with the MT adapter developed by NTT, with the same latch mechanism as the RJ-45 type LAN electrical adapter. The MT-RJ fiber adapter is aligned with the fiber through guide pins installed on both sides of the small sleeve. In order to facilitate connection with the optical transceiver, the fiber at the end of the adapter is arranged in a dual-core (interval 0.75MM) arrangement. MT-RJ fiber optic adapter is mainly used for next-generation high-density fiber optic connector of data transmission.

MU fiber optical adapter

What Is Fiber Optic Adapter

The MU (MINIATUREUNITCOUPLING) adapter is small single-core optical fiber adapter developed by NTT based on the SC type adapter that is currently most used. The adapter uses a 1.25MM diameter sleeve and a self-retaining mechanism. Its advantage is that it can achieve high-density installation. Using MU's L.25MM diameter casing, NTT has developed a series of MU adapters. With the rapid development of optical fiber networks in the direction of greater bandwidth and capacity and the widespread application of DWDM technology, the demand for MU-type connectors will also grow rapidly.

The important role of fiber optic adapters

Fiber optic adapters are components that play a key role in connecting optical fibers. There are multiple input ports and output ports of different models on fiber optical patch panel, no matter what type of optical fiber lines and equipment can be easily connected. The fiber optic adapter also has a function of establishing a signal branch. There are several outlets on the fiber optic patch panel, and each outlet can establish a branch line.

The application range of fiber optic adapters is very wide. First of all, it has an indispensable role in the fiber optic communication network. Our current network signals are all made of optical fiber, so the optical fiber has almost been drawn to thousands of households. Then there is the cable TV network. Some TV signals are also transmitted by optical fiber. In such a cable TV network, a signal source such as a voltage controlled oscillator is first used to generate electrical signals, which are then converted into optical signals by photoelectric elements. It can be transmitted by optical fiber, and the optical fiber adapter in this optical fiber TV signal network also has a very wide range of uses. In addition, optical fiber can also be used to build some local area networks for internal use by some units, and can also establish data connections between some electronic devices. These are also inseparable from optical fiber adapters. It can be seen that the role of fiber optic adapters in fiber optic communication networks is just as essential as the role of power connectors in circuits.

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