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What is an Ethernet Switch Used For?

What is an Ethernet Switch Used For?

A industrial Ethernet switch is a device that apply to expands the network. It can provide more connection ports in the sub-network to connect more computers. It is generally used for LAN-WAN connections. With the development of the communications industry and the advancement of the informationization of the national economy, the network switch market has steadily increased. It has the characteristics of high performance-price ratio, high flexibility, relatively simple, and easy to implement. Therefore, Ethernet technology has become the most important LAN networking technology today. And industrial Ethernet switches have become the most popular switches. 

What is an Ethernet Switch Used For

1. Industrial switches can be connected to the same type of network.

When the scale of the network expands, it becomes impractical to simply extend the network cable. And for different LANs, to realize data transmission between each other and share network resources, special connection equipment is required to realize network expansion. The Industrial Ethernet switch which is connected to the same type of network realized network expansion. At the same time, the development of the network sites, geographical range and business volume have promoted the rapid development of network interconnection. 

2. Industrial Ethernet switch can be interconnected different types of networks

In addition to being able to connect the same type of network, the Industrial Ethernet switch can also play an interconnection role between different types of networks (such as Ethernet and Fast Ethernet). Nowadays, many Industrial Ethernet switches can provide high-speed connection ports that support Fast Ethernet or FDDI, etc., which are used to connect to other network switches in the network or provide additional bandwidth for key servers that take up large bandwidth.


What is an Ethernet Switch Used For

3. Industrial Ethernet switch can provide fast network service

Sometimes in order to provide faster access speed, we can connect some important network computers to the switch ports directly. In this way, key servers and important users of the network can get faster access speeds and support greater information flow.

The main functions of the Industrial Ethernet switch include physical addressing, network topology, error checking, frame sequence and flow control. At present, the Industrial Ethernet switches also have some new functions, such as support for VLAN (virtual local area network), support for link aggregation, and some even have the function of firewall. 

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