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What are The Three Basic Functions of Industrial Ethernet Switch?

What are The Three Basic Functions of Industrial Ethernet Switch?

With the rapid development of network interconnection, network switch came into being. In a broad sense, a network switch is a device that completes the function of information exchange in a communication system. The main functions of the network switch include physical addressing, network topology, error checking, frame sequence and flow control. Let's take a look at the three major characteristics of industrial Ethernet switch. 

What are The Three Basic Functions of Industrial Ethernet Switch

1. High tolerance of industrial Ethernet switch

The high tolerance of industrial Ethernet switch is reflected in the operating temperature range, EMC electromagnetic compatibility, installation and power supply. Unlike commercial Ethernet equipment, industrial Ethernet equipment is usually compact and can be used for on-site cabinet installation through rail installation. In order to avoid equipment damage caused by the failure of rotating parts, you should choose the hardware device without a fan design. The operating temperature range and electromagnetic compatibility should be specified in the product parameter description. After choosing reliable and stable hardware, please pay attention to the various redundancy modes that the industrial Ethernet switch can provide, as well as quick troubleshooting and recovery. 

2. Good real-time performance of industrial Ethernet switch

The response time and shaking that the industrial Ethernet switch system can tolerate in different application environments are completely different. Every time a data frame in an automation network  forwarded from one device to another, there is a delay. Therefore, the primary consideration for selecting an industrial Ethernet switch is the port delay of the switch during the data frame forwarding process.

What are The Three Basic Functions of Industrial Ethernet Switch

3. High security of industrial Ethernet switch

Due to the openness of the Ethernet of the industrial switch, everyone must consider the factor of network security in the process of building an automation network. When selecting equipment, users should choose a switch with VLAN function to facilitate the division of network functions. Through VLAN division, you can group and isolate the devices in the network according to their functions, so as to avoid malicious damage or abuse.

All a short, the three major characteristics of industrial Ethernet switch are high tolerance, good real-time performance, and high security. Users can use the functions of industrial Ethernet switches to authorize devices that need to access the network to distinguish legal users from illegal users. In order to control the cumulative delay of data frames from the top to the bottom of the system, it should be noted that the value of the network switch port delay should not exceed the standard when selecting a switch.

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