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What Are The Application of Air Blowing Microtube Bundle

What Are The Application of Air Blowing Microtube Bundle

What are the application of air blowing microtube bundle

As a professional manufacturer of optical fiber products, UnitekFiber can provide air blowing microtube bundles of different series and sizes, aiming to optimize the deployment of air blowing fiber optic cable ducts. Our air blowing micro tube bundle is crafted from HDPE and comprises two or more micro ducts arranged in a specific pattern for efficient space utilization. The exterior HDPE sheath provides superior protection against environmental factors, ensuring the longevity and durability of your network infrastructure.

Our air blowing micro tube bundle comes in two variations: the direct buried (DB) air blowing tube bundle and the direct installed (DI) air blowing tube bundle. The DB air blowing tube bundle is ideal for underground installations, providing robust protection against soil pressure, moisture, and other environmental factors. Its rugged design offers maximum durability, ensuring reliable performance over extended periods.

The DI air blowing tube bundle can directly install above-ground or indoor installations. It allows for easy routing and management of fibers in tight spaces, making it an excellent choice for data centers, campus networks, and other indoor applications.

UnitekFiber is not only a factory of air blowing micro tube bundles but also a comprehensive supplier of a wide range of fiber optic solutions. Our product portfolio includes Optical Distribution Frames (ODFs), fiber optic cables, fiber optic patch panels, optical transceivers, and more fiber optic products. With our commitment to delivering high-quality and reliable products, we strive to meet all your fiber optic infrastructure needs. If you are interested in additional fiber optic products, please visit www.unitekfiber.com for more information. Below are our product categories for your reference:

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Ethernet Fiber Switch

Optical Transceiver

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