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What are outdoor fiber optic cables?

What are outdoor fiber optic cables?

Outdoor fiber optic cables are suitable for outdoors. It is durable, can withstand wind, sun, cold, and ground. The outer jacket is thick, with mechanical and environmental characteristics such as pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, and tensile resistance.


How many types of outdoor fiber optic cables do you know?

Commonly outdoor fiber optic cables are divided into two structures: central bundle tube type fiber optic cables and layer stranded fiber optic cable.

The structure of central tube fiber optic cable is that the center of the fiber optic cable is a loose tube, and the strengthening member is located around the loose tube. the common GYXTW fiber optic cable and mini type central tube fiber optic cable JET are central tube fiber optic cable, usually less than 12 cores.

JET mini type central tube fiber optic cable is so popular in the market. The structure of this fiber optic cable is that the sheath is squeezed arround glass fiber yarn (or aramid, high-strength yarn). The JET mini type central tube fiber optic cable is relatively soft, with a certain tensile force, and can be used indoors and outdoors overhead and through the pipe.


The structure of stranded of fiber optic cable is that the multiple bundle tubes with optical fibers are twisted on the arround the central strength membe. The type of fiber optic cables are GYTS, GYTA, GYFTY GYTA53,GYTY53 and ADSS etc.. The fiber optic cable can obtain larger cores by combining loose tubes. The fiber cores of the stranded fiber optic cable can produced by using optical fiber ribbon to achieve more than one thousand cores.


What are the common laying methods for outdoor fiber optic cables?

There are three common laying methods for outdoor fiber optic cables underground pipeline laying (that is, laying fiber optic cables in underground pipelines), direct underground laying and overhead laying (that is, laying from telegraph poles to telegraph poles in the air.

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