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How do you install a fiber optic patch panel?

How do you install a fiber optic patch panel?

Fiber optic patch panels are now gradually becoming a common product in optical fiber wiring systems, especially in high-density wiring environments such as data centers and server rooms. Different from the traditional fixed fiber optic patch panel, the fiber optical patch panel is convenient for people to easily access the optical fiber cable in the panel box, and can protect the optical fiber cable well. In addition, the drawer type structure is also conducive to high-density wiring and good cable management. However, because the optical fiber cable is fragile and easily damaged by pulling, bending or squeezing, we should take extra care when installing the optical fiber cable in the fiber optic patch panel.


Structure of Fiber Optic Patch Panel


Before installing a fiber optic patch panel, we should first understand its structure. Today, we take 1U optical fiber distribution box as an example. The front part of this fiber optic patch panel can be installed with 2 adapter facepaltes. The fiber optic splice tray is fixed in the middle of the panel box and there are 6 cable ties around fiber splice tray to manage the fiber optical cables and pigtails.

To choose a good designed Fiber optic adapters is very important when installing a fiber optic patch panel. UnitekFiber’s Fiber optic adapters is in laser protection shrapnel design. With three-way fastened self-adaptive shrapnel design, the fiber optic adapter is installed on the fiber adapter faceplate very firmly even without screws even without screws.

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