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The Different Types of Fiber Optic Distribution Box

The Different Types of Fiber Optic Distribution Box

The fiber optic distribution box is a regular product in the field of optical communication. For friends who have just entered the optical communication industry, it is still confused. As a manufacturer of fiber distribution box, Unitekfiber introduce the fiber optic distribution box to you.

One side of the optical fiber distribution box is connected to the main optical cable, and the other side is connected to the corresponding fiber optic jumper, which plays the role of fiber cable distribution. The optical distribution box is mainly used in equipment rooms or wiring rooms to complete the termination of trunk lines or backbone optical cables of building groups, and to connect the network switching equipment of the local area network.

Classification of optical fiber distribution box

Fixed fiber optic distribution box



The fixed optical fiber distribution box is installed in a standard cabinet/rack, and is used for optical fiber connection, fixation, protection and other functions. The design of the optical fiber distribution box takes into account the convenience of installation and the simplicity of maintenance, and at the same time provides good protection for the optical fiber. The specially designed structure and routing ensure that the optical cable and pigtail are well fixed and protected, keeping the excellent performance of optical fiber system in its life. The distribution box supports high-density optical fiber wiring and adopts a modular panel design. The corresponding panel is selected according to different adapters, and the configuration is flexible.

Drawer type optical fiber distribution box



The left and right sides of the drawer-type optical fiber distribution box can be used for cable entry, which is convenient for operation. The drawer-type optical fiber distribution box contains an integrated fusion splicing board. The integrated fusion splicing splicing board has a double-layer full frontal operation, provides storage space for optical fibers and pigtails, protects the optical fibers, pigtails and splice points, and has perfect bending radius protection. The drawer type structure saves space and is easy to operate. The special structure box door buckle makes it easy to open and close. The slide rail structure of the limit and positioning device is adopted, and the module tray can be easily taken out and fixed.

High-density MPO fiber optic distribution box



As the data center continues to going way of high speed and high density, the management of optical fiber cabling systems has become more and more difficult. Traditional fiber patch cord wiring methods are far from meeting the requirements of high-density wiring systems. Data centers urgently need a high-density wiring solution that is easy to manage and maintain. The optical fiber distribution box has a compact structure and can provide dozens or even hundreds of interfaces, which can well meet this demand of the data center. The high-density MPO optical fiber distribution box is installed in a 19-inch standard cabinet, providing a cross-connect function for the entire data center equipment. The modular design can make the connection status instantly visible and at the same time provide perfect protection.


Higth density MPO/MTP fiber optical distribution box



The High density MPO/MTP fiber optical distribution box integrates the passive monitoring function into the optical cable conversion system. Passive optical communication access point is a point installed in the network that provides real-time monitoring of ports. It makes you to have a more comprehensive understanding of data flow patterns and plan technical integration accordingly. The igh density MPO/MTP fiber optical distribution box does not require a power supply, and is suitable for 10G, 40G or 100G type LGX distribution boxes, and supports single/multimode transmission with a split ratio of 50/50 or 70/30.

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