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The Application of 25G/100G Active Optical Cable (AOC) in Data Center

The Application of 25G/100G Active Optical Cable (AOC) in Data Center

The increasing demand for data transmission is driving the development of the entire optical communications market. Active optical cable AOC is a necessity for data transmission and can meet the needs of high-density and high-bandwidth applications. It has many advantages such as high transmission rate, long transmission distance, low energy consumption, and convenient use. It can help communication equipment enjoy the huge advantages of optical transmission. It is an ideal transmission cable for data centers, consumer electronics and other fields.

UnitekFiber has been deeply involved in the field of multi-mode VCSEL optical modules and active optical cable AOC for many years. Among them, the data center AOC multi-mode product line has transitioned from the first generation of 10G/40G SR AOC to the mainstream application of 25G/100g SR AOC in the current market. Based on the purpose of market segmentation, Gigalight has defined and developed a series of differentiated 100G AOC products. Including standard SR4 AOC version, overclocking low-cost AOC lite version, eSR4 AOC version supporting 25GE zero error, eSR4+ AOC supporting dual rate, etc., which can provide customers with the best commercial choice.

The Application of 25G/100G Active Optical Cable (AOC) in Data Center

The quasi-100G QSFP28 AOC SR4 standard version 100G QSFP28 AOC integrates four data channels in each direction with a bandwidth of 104 Gbps, which is used for short-distance multi-channel data communication and interconnection applications. Each channel uses OM4 to transmit a distance of 100 meters. The module uses a multimode optical fiber system with a nominal wavelength of 850nm. The electrical interface uses 38 contact edge type connectors, and the optical interface uses 12 optical fiber MTP (MPO) connectors. VCSEL laser is used to provide reliable long life, high performance and consistent service. At the same time, it can optionally support an industrial temperature range.

Overclocking low-cost AOC lite data center emphasizes low cost. Overclocking design is a technology developed in the past two years due to low-cost competition of 5G optical modules. The purpose is to design and match 10G optical components to work at 25G, thereby reducing the overall machine cost. Overclocking technology must meet the following preset conditions:

lIndustry Agreement Standard

lGeneral reliability standards

lService life of the equipment

Active Optical Cable AOC's transmission distance is relatively short, and the working environment is relatively good, which just provides a stage for AOC overclocking applications. Otherwise, 100G optical modules and 100G Active Optical Cable AOC are no different under cost measurement. Overclocking design can show the difference and application advantages of 100G AOC Active Optical Cable. However, under the above conditions, the overclocked optical module will be slightly inferior to the non-overclocked version (standard version) in function.

UnitekFiber produces optical fiber indoor/outdoor cables, optical patch panels, fiber cable assembles etc. At the same time, it also produces optical transceiver modules, which can provide With different package types, transmission distance and transmission rate, it also has the characteristics of stable performance and strong compatibility. If you need any support, don't hesitate to contact us sales@unitekfiber.com.

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