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How Is FTTH Connected to Home?

How Is FTTH Connected to Home?

I believe that many people have heard of fiber broadband, and some families have entered the fiber optical network era with fiber access early. However, many people still don't know much about “Fiber to the Home”, and maybe they are still at the stage of consciousness conception. Here UnitekFiber will give you some knowledge about “Fiber to the Home”.


How Is FTTH Connected to Home

Fiber to the Home (FTTH) refers to broadband telecommunication systems. It is based on fiber optic cables and uses optoelectronics to deliver multiple high-end services such as telephone triple play, broadband Internet and TV to homes or businesses.

Optical fiber communication is widely used as a medium for information transmission due to its unique anti-interference, light weight, and large capacity. However, it is the most economical and most effective to use the existing transmission lines to lay optical cables.

How Is FTTH Connected to Home


Let's make a simple answer to the questions related to FTTH.

Q: What is FTTH ?

A: The so-called Fiber to the Home (FTTH) refers to the fact that the operator connects the optical fiber directly to your home, and then realizes broadband Internet access and fixed-line telephone functions through photoelectric conversion. Compared with copper wire access methods such as ADSL, optical fiber access has the advantages of large capacity, long distance and anti-electromagnetic interference, which can provide users with higher speed and stable broadband services.

Q: What is the bandwidth range of optical Fibre?

A: At present, operators can provide at least 10M or more optical fiber broadband, including 10M, 20M, 30M, 50M, 100M and 1000G or more.

Q: How do I upgrade Fiber Broadband to 10M?

A: It is necessary for users to have fiber access conditions in their homes. If your residential area is a newly built residential area, and the optical fiber has been laid beforehand, it can be upgraded directly. If your residential area was built in a longer time, you need to carry out fiber to home renovation. It is necessary for both the community and users to reach an FTTH agreement. Since the reconstructed FTTH may have an open line, it will have a certain impact on the appearance of the interior decoration.

Q: What impact will it have on fixed telephones after entering the home?

A: After the optical fiber network is connected to the home, the original fixed telephone will be retained, but the fixed telephone needs to be connected to the optical modem (for ADSL broadband, the fixed telephone and the modem are separated), and the optical modem needs to be connected to the power supply in your home. In other words, if you want to use a landline, you must keep it connected to the power source, which naturally consumes a certain amount of power.

The era of optical network is coming, are you ready?

With the advent of the era of fiber optic access for all people, the life of the optical fiber network has quietly come to us. In the near future, fiber optic access and various applications based on fiber optic access are bound to change our lives again. The era of optical network is coming. are you ready?

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