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How do you clean a fiber optic patch cord?

How do you clean a fiber optic patch cord?

In the optical communication system, it is found that the fiber optic patch cord optical loss doubles, and even the optical signal is cut off, and the network connection fails, etc. After investigation, it was found that a large number of invisible particles, dust, oil and other dirt were distributed on the end face of the optical fiber.

What is one-click fiber optic cleaner.

The fiber optic cleaner typically consists of a cleaning head and a cleaning cloth. The cleaning head is made of a soft material, such as microfiber, that is used to wipe the end-face of the connector. The cleaning cloth is pre-moistened with a cleaning solution or alcohol, which helps to dissolve and remove any contaminants on the end-face.

How do you clean a fiber optic patch cord?

How to use one-click fiber optic cleaner.

1. Remove any visible dirt or debris from the jumper connectors with a dry, lint-free cloth.

2. Twist off the cap of the fiber optic cleaning pen to expose the cleaning tip.

3. Hold the fiber optic cleaner perpendicular to the end face of the connector and press the button on the side of the fiber optic cleaner to extend the cleaning tip.

4. Gently insert the cleaning tip into the connector and rotate it several times in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.

5. Withdraw the cleaning tip from the connector and retract it by pressing the button on the side of the pen.

6. Inspect the connector through a fiber optic microscope to check for any remaining contamination. If necessary, repeat the cleaning process until the connector is clean.

7. When finished, replace the cap onto the fiber optic cleaner to protect the cleaning tip from damage or contamination.


It's important to use fiber optic cleaner according to the manufacturer's instructions and avoid excessive pressure while cleaning to prevent damaging the connector. A fiber optic cleaner is a simple and effective tool for ensuring reliable and high-quality fiber optic connections.

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