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ADSS Fiber Optic Cable

ADSS Fiber Optic Cable

ADSS Fiber Optic Cable     ADSS Fiber Optic Cable

ADSS optical cable, also known as all dielectric self-supporting optical cable, is a kind of non-metallic optical cable composed of all dielectric materials, and contains necessary support system itself, which can be directly suspended on power tower. It is mainly used for the communication line of overhead high-voltage transmission system, and can also be used for the communication line in lightning-prone area, large span and other overhead laying environment.

OPGW Cable

OPGW Cable

OPGW optical cable, also known as optical fiber composite overhead ground wire. The optical fiber is placed in the ground wire of the overhead high-voltage transmission line to form the optical fiber communication network on the transmission line. This structure has dual functions of ground wire and communication, which is generally called OPGW.

The difference between ADSS cable and OPGW cable lies in their different structural characteristics.

I. structure

ADSS fiber optic cable:
1. The fiber enjoys loose tube structure in the bushing
2. The structure of cable core structure is layer-stranding
3. Its stranding mode is SZ stranding
4. The outer sheath possesses anti-corrosion function
5. The main bearing part is aramid yarn

OPGW cable:
1. Optical fiber unit (stainless-steel tube, aluminum cladding stainless-steel tube)
2. It is strengthened around the periphery with the metal monofilament (aluminum cladding steel, aluminum alloy)

II. Performance

ADSS cable:
1. It is strengthened around with aramid yarn, possessing good bullet proof performance, and the optical cable could not be damaged by a shoot from 10 meters or so.
2. No metal, electromagnetic interference resistance, lightning protection and strong electromagnetic field resistance
3. Excellent mechanical and environmental performance
4. Light weight, convenient construction
5. Apply the existing tower to save the cost of line construction
6. It can be erected with electricity and reduce the loss caused by power failure
7. Independent of power line, convenient for maintenance
8. It is a kind of self-supporting optical cable and does not need auxiliary hanging wire such as hanging wire

OPGW cable:
1. All metal
2. Excellent mechanical and environmental performance
3. It has a good matching with the ground wire and almost the same mechanical and electrical properties
4. Realize optical fiber communication, shunt short-circuit current and guide lightning current.


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