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How to install fiber terminal box?

How to install fiber terminal box?

The installation of the fiber optic indoor terminal box (FTTH terminal box) requires certain professional skills. If you do not have relevant experience and skills, it is recommended to ask a professional to install it. Here are some basic installation steps:

1. Preparations: Before installation, please ensure that you have obtained optical fiber network access services. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the installation tools such as fiber optic indoor terminal box, fiber optic fusion splicer, and fiber optic cutting pliers are complete.

2. Installation location: Choose an installation location, usually on the wall or on a cable rack. The position should be at least 20 cm away from the cable exit, so as to leave sufficient space for storing the cable.

3. Fix the fiber optic terminal box: Use expansion screws or other suitable methods to fix the fiber optic terminal box on the selected installation location.

4. Connect the fiber optic cable: Use fiber optic cutting pliers to cut the fiber optic cable at the specified length, and clean the end of the fiber optic cable to flatten and expose the fiber. Insert the fiber optical cable at the other end into the optical fiber interface in the terminal box, open the connector cover of the fiber optic terminal box, and insert the optical fiber connector into the corresponding position.

5. Test the connection: Before testing the connection, please make sure that the fiber optic terminal box is powered on and that the router and other network devices are properly connected. Use a professional fiber optic cable tester to test the quality and speed of the fiber optic cable connection to ensure that the fiber bandwidth is fully utilized.

How to install fiber terminal box?

In short, when installing a fiber optic terminal box, it is necessary to operate very seriously and carefully, and follow relevant regulations and safety standards to ensure the quality and reliability of the installation. If you are not familiar with the installation process or do not have the skills, consider seeking professional installation services.Unitekfiber can provider you with high quality fiber optic terminal box in www.unitekfiber.com.

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