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Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure

Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure

         Wall mount fiber enclosure is a kind of fiber cable management devise used to distribute and protect fiber optic connections in fiber optic network applications. It is available for the distribution and terminal connection of various optical fiber system.These units are available in sizes to fit the most common fiber cable distribution requirements.                    


UnitekFiber manufactures a series of wall mount fiber enclosure and rack mount fiber optic patch panels. All our Fiber optic enclosures and fiber patch panel are available pre-loaded with any connector interface required(ie SC,LC, FC and ST etc.). The Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure is so economic and convenient for fiber optic network solutions. It is easy to install and maintain.

The wall mount optical cable distribution and splicing system provide economical and compact package for low-density optical fiber applications. All our Wall Mount Fiber Enclosre are designed in aluminum alloy and mild steel material and compact form which are are compatible for the network fibers to wall mount applications, such as customer premises or other indoor environment systems.

The classification of the wall mount fiber enclosure
Classified by shell material, it can be divided into ABS plastic shell and metal shell. Here UnitekFiber will introduce two metal type of  Wall Mount Fiber Enclosures.


Above type is our owned designed Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure installed with our own designed Fiber optic adapters and fiber splice trays. This is  a compact wall mount fiber panel in 1U, 2U one door design. The body material is aluminiumalloy. We will provide white and black colors. The fiber ports can be SC 48 ports. 


The second type of Wall Mount Fiber Closure is a commom type with two open doors as well as top and bottom cable entry ports for installation. The Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure is reach 24 fibers of splicing and terminating while being mounted to a wall. The front doors keep the separate lockable trunk compartment secure, making it easy for users to operate. Generally, our 24-fiber wall-mount fiber enclosure is suitable for indoor applications.

UnitekFiber manufacturer is providing customized wall mount fiber closure, rack mount fiber optic patch panel, MPO fiber optic distribution frame for fiber optic network application, high-capacity data center. If you need any support, please contact us [email protected] .We will do our best to support you.

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