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POE Switch

POE Switch

The Introduction of PoE(Power over Ethernet) Switch
The importance of PoE ( Power over Ethernet) switches is growing. With the rapid development of information and communication industry, the significance of the Internet of Things in the new round of industrial transformation has become more prominent. The development of cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence is also driving the advent of the "Internet of Everything. In this context, the position of POE switches has also increased.


PoE( Power over Ethernet) switch is an Ethernet switch that supports power supply through a network cable, also known as a power supply switch. It is mostly used in network HD monitoring and wireless coverage, or in the field of intercom doorbells. Specifically, it can put power into the network cable, and transmit power to the other end of the device that needs power supply through the network cable, so that no additional power wiring is needed, which is very convenient and saves trouble.

PoE(Power over Enthernet) Switch

POE switches are different from ordinary switches. A POE switch is not only able to provide the transmission functions the same as that of ordinary switches, but also to provide power to the other end of the network cable. For example, there is a digital surveillance camera (requires power supply to work properly) which is not connected to the power supply, but is connected to the ordinary switch through a network cable. In this case, the camera does not work. If the camera is not connected to the power supply, but its transmission network cable is connected to the POE switch, the camera will work normally.
The network monitoring project is different from the general network integrated wiring. The data transmission volume is very large, the power is high, and it requires uninterrupted work around the clock. The use of quality-guaranteed POE equipment and wires guarantees the stability of the entire system. From a technical perspective, the technology of POE switches has developed for many years and is currently in a very mature stage.

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