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Optical Distribution Frame (ODF)

Optical Distribution Frame (ODF)

Description of ODF Patch Panel
Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) panel, also called ODF unit box, is a high-density, large-capacity design product with beautiful appearance, reasonable distribution, easy to manage, install and operate.
The ODF unit box is with the functions of fixing and protecting fiber cables, fiber cable termination and cabling adjustment. It can be installed as a fiber distribution frame alone, also can be with the digital distribution unit and audio distribution unit in a cabinet/rack which forms a comprehensive distribution frame. ODF patch panel is flexible in configuration, simple in installation, easy to maintain, and is an indispensable device for fiber optic communication cable network terminals or relay nodes for splicing fiber cables and pigtails.


1. The Standard size ODF patch panel is 19”, which can be installed in the distribution cabinet or as wall mount.
2. The structural parts are well-crafted, and the fiber distribution tray is made of flame retardant plastic material, which is light, flexible and durable.
3. The ODF box drawer-type structure can be withdrawn when the operation is completed. In the rear of the chassis with a cable entry hole and the rear fixing module to secured in coming fiber cables from back side.
4. The structure of fiber distribution trays is upper and lower layers. The pigtails and adapters is easily connected and operated.
5. Applicable to FC, SC, LC, ST four adapters.
6. Applicable to ribbon, bundle, non-strip fiber cables.
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