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Media Converter

The introduction of Media ConverterThe media converter is a device for signal conversion, usually referred to a fiber optic media converter. The emergence of optical fiber optic media converter conver...
The introduction of Media Converter
The media converter is a device for signal conversion, usually referred to a fiber optic media converter. The emergence of optical fiber optic media converter converts twisted pair electrical signals and optical signals to each other, ensuring smooth transmission of data packets between the two networks, and at the same time it extends the transmission distance limit of the network from 100 meters to 100 kilometers (single Mode fiber).
The Clasification of Media Converter
According to the network management, it can be divided into network management optical Media Converter and non-network management optical media converter.
Media Converter
According to the rate, the current optical fiber media converter can be divided into 10 / 100M adaptive fiber medial converter and 10/100 / 1000M adaptive fiber media converter, pure Gigabit fiber media converter, and 10G fiber media converter.
Media Converter
According to the optical fiber, it can be divided into multi-mode optical media converter and single-mode optical media converter.Due to the different optical fibers used, the transceivers can transmit different distances. Multi-mode media converter generally have transmission distances between 2 km and 5 km, while single-mode media converter can cover a range from 20 km to 120 km.
According to the optical fiber interface, it can be divided into single fiber media converter, dual fiber media converter, and SFP media converter. As the name implies, single-fiber equipment can save half of the optical fiber, that is, to receive and send data on one optical fiber, which is very suitable for places where fiber resources are tight. This type of product uses wavelength division multiplexing technology, and the wavelengths used are mostly 1310nm and 1550nm. Due to the use of wavelength division multiplexing technology, single-fiber media converter products generally feature large signal attenuation. At present, most popular media converters on the market are dual-fiber media converters. Such products are relatively mature and stable.
Media Converter
Divided by temperature, there are industrial-grade optical media converter and commercial-grade optical media converter.Industrial-grade fiber optic transceivers can generally withstand -40-80 degrees Celsius. They are often used in relatively harsh environments without affecting the operation of the equipment. They also have a longer life than commercial grade ones, and of course the price is much more expensive. Commercial-grade fiber optic transceivers generally operate at 0-50 degrees Celsius and are generally used indoors.

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