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Shenzhen UnitekFiber Solution Limited
Address: 7F, Mingjun Building, No.1 Langrong Road,  Longhua District, Shenzhen Guangdong province China
Post Code: 518109 China.
Tel. / Fax: +086 0755 21076284
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  • Application of MTP/MPO Fiber Cables in Data Center
    MTP/MPO fiber cables are widely used in data centers. In recent years, the demand for bandwidth of data center optical fiber transmission systems has shown a trend of high growth. Therefore, the use o...
  • 25G Optical Transceiver Module Cabling
    The modern Internet industry is changing with each passing day, and the scale of global data centers continues to expand and upgrade. A large number of optical transceiver modules are required for int...
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    The high density 144 core MPO fiber patch panel is based on standard preterminated fiber patch cord, which can accommodate up to 12pcs of 12core MPO cassette module, which is providing high density f...