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Wall Mounted Fiber Optical Terminal Box

Wall Mounted Fiber Optical Terminal Box

Wall mounted fiber opitcal Terminal Box is a kind of fiber cable management products used to distribute and protect fiber optical connections in fiber optical application. It is available for the distribution and terminal connection of various optical fiber system.These units are available in sizes to fit the most common distribution requirements. More>
UnitekFiber manufactures a series of wall mount and rack mount fiber optical terminal box and splice enclosures. All our fiber optical data cabinets are available pre-loaded with any connector interface required(ie SC,LC, FC and ST etc.). The wall mount terminal box is so economic and convenient for fiber optic solutions. It is easy to install and maintain.

The classification of the wall mounted fiber optical terminal box
Classified by shell material, it can be divided into ABS plastic shell and metal shell.
According to the fiber optic cable connection, it can be divided into straight-through type and branch type.

According to the assembled method, it can be divided into an adaptable adapter type and a PLC splitter type.
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