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FTTA Outdoor Fiber Cabling Assemblies

FTTA Outdoor Fiber Cabling Assemblies

The fiber optic FTTA(Fiber to the Antennna) is accompanied by the Remote Radio Unit(RRU) and the technology of the optical fiber repeater. The excellent transmission characteristics of the optical fiber realize the extension of the base band unit(BBU)signal and the Remote Radio Unit(RRU) signal. More>
Therefore, it is convenient for the site selection of the base station, the installation of the antenna, and the rational use of the carrier frequency resources, which is a technology that has developed rapidly in recent years.

FTTA technology solution can reduce the loss of signal power greatly, the maximum transmission distance can reach to 20km which realizes centralized placement of base stations in lower-cost telecommunication rooms as same as more flexible and modularized network planning. FTTA is an innovative, flexible and future-oriented way in network applications.
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