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Anti-rodent Fiber Optic Cable

Anti-rodent Fiber Optic Cable

The anti rodent fiber optic cable is suitable for use in many places with lots of rats. The anti rodent cable is made of a special material and has a special structure. Its special material prevents communication interruption caused by fiber damage in the cable. More>
Rats have the habit of grinding their teeth. They bite things tens of thousands of times a week. They can't bite substances that are similar in hardness to alloy steel. Every year, the interruption of communication caused by a mouse biting a communication cable often occurs. In the United States, fiber signal loss due to mice biting communication cables is hundreds of millions of dollars. Therefore, it is necessary to use a anti-rat bite cable in an active area of the mouse.

Heavy duty (HD) rodent resistant fiber optic cables with glass yarn are available. It is easy to install and distribute power and transmission.

As its name suggests, it only requires a one-time installation. And it does not require support and messenger lines. It is generally used in self-supporting overhead installations as well as in air ducts.
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