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Which MPO Fiber cables are suitable for 400G Data Center?

Which MPO Fiber cables are suitable for 400G Data Center?

With the rapid development of Ethernet, data center construction has gradually transitioned from 40G to 100G/400G Ethernet applications. The backbone link uses 40G/100G/400G is a large-scale data center fiber cabling project, especially the inevitable trend of enterprise data center and Internet IDC data center project construction .In the next few years, 100G/400G Ethernet applications will dominate.

At present, Unitekfiber continues to make efforts in the data center fiber cabling market, and newly introduces more MPO cabling products and services that are suitable for data center computer room applications:

(1) The 16-core/32-core MPO backbone fiber cable is based on 400G BASE-SR16 Ethernet applications, with a channel rate of 16x25Gb/s, suitable for higher-speed data center Ethernet applications. At present, Unitekfiber has mastered the core process technology of high-density 16/32-core MPO fiber connector and is ready for high-speed 400G BASE-SR16 Ethernet.



                                                                                         32 cores MPO Trunk Cable


(2) The partitioned high-density optical fiber distribution frame is optimized and improved on the basis of the original fiber distribution frame. The optical fiber distribution frame and the trunk optical cable are distinguished by color and this is suitable for the application on the engineering site. It is easy to identify and facilitate the maintenance of later engineering personnel. So it achieves high-density cabling while improving the convenience of engineering operation and maintenance.


                                                4U 576cores high-density MTP/MPO fiber distribution frame


1U 96cores high-density fiber distribution frame



(3) High-density micro-OD MTP/MPO trunk cable realizes the application of 5mm outer diameter optical cable can accommodate 32 fibers. 1 trunk optical cable can replace the traditional 4 trunk optical cables, which can save nearly 75% space of cable tray cabling .It is conducive to the ventilation and cooling of the data center, and solves the problem of the large number of cables and disorder caused by the use of ordinary optical cable products in traditional cabling, reducing the management difficulty of customers and beautifying the space.



Unitekfiber produces pre-terminated MPO breakout cables, pre-terminated MPO-LC adapter modules and high-density fiber distribution frames which are applied for high density data center cabling solution. In recent years, Unitekfiber MPO fiber cabling solution products have been widely adopted and used in the data center Ethernet 40G BASE-SR4, 100G BASE-SR4, 100G BASE-SR10, 100G Base-PSM4 system. Unitekfiber has won the unanimous praise of terminal information providers and customers in the data center cabling market due to its high-performance indicators of MPO fiber cabling products.

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