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Outdoor Waterproof Mini Vertical Optical Fiber Splice Closure 2 Inlet 2 Outlet 48 Cores

Part number: UN-FOSC-VH48-01

The mini type vertical Optical fiber splice closure is able to hold up to 48 cores with 2 inlet and 2 outlet. It can accommadate 4 splice tray and each splice tray can place 12 fibers. It is suitable for straight-through and branch connection of overhead, and pipeline laying methods of various structural optical cables. The optical fiber splice closure has the function of flame-retardant and waterproof, which can protect against vibration, impact, cable stretching and twisting.

Fiber Optic
Details of Outdoor Waterproof Mini Vertical Optical Fiber Splice Closure 2 Inlet 2 Outlet 48 Cores
Parameter of Outdoor Waterproof Mini Vertical Optical Fiber Splice Closure 2 Inlet 2 Outlet 48 Cores



Fiber optic splice closure plays a role in protecting the optical cable connetion, which can meet the requirements of overhead, pipeline installatin methods. It is one of the main equipment for user access points. It mainly completes the indoor/outdoor connection of the distribution optical cable and the household line optical cable. It is widely used in communications, Network system, CATV cable TV, optical cable network system, etc.


  • The fiber optic splice closure can be used for fusion splicing of part of the main optical cable and branch optical cable, part of the main optical cable and pigtail .

  •  The increase or decrease of the fiber splice tray is quick and time-saving. The turning angle of the splice tray can reach above 90℃, which provides convenience for expansion and maintenance in the future.

  • The splice closure has the characteristic of innovative structural design, convenient and reliable installation. The whole set of plastic parts adopts scientifically formulated high-strength PP, PC engineering plastics. The injection molding can be used in a natural environment of 40℃~+65℃ for a long time.

  • The elastomer sealing member can be repeatedly opened and still maintain good sealing performance.

  • The fiber optic joint box can be mounted on the wall, pole, pipe, overhead. For the construction of optical fiber network, FTTH access reduces costs and improves communication quality

Packing & Delivery 





Part number



Vertical Mechanical seal



Dimension (mm):


Max Capacity


Max splice tray(pcs)



2 inlet 2 outlet


How many inlets and outlets does the fiber splice closure have?

The joint box have 2 inlets and 2 outlets.

What is the shell material of the fiber optic splice closure?

The shell material of the splice closure can be made of PP,PC+ABS.

What is the protection level of the fiber optic splice closure?

The protection level of the splice closure is IP68.

How many fiber cores can you choose for this fiber optic splice closure?

You can choose 12,24,48 cores,the maximum number of cores is 48.

Whether the fiber splice closure is use for outdoors or indoors?

The splice enclosure can be used for both outdoors and indoors. 

What is the installation method of the fiber joint closure?

The optic joint closure can be laid overhead, pipes and poles.

What's the sealing method of the fiber optic splice closure?

This splice closure adopts mechanical sealing.

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