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MPO/ MTP Fiber Optical Truck Cables

MPO/ MTP Fiber Optical Truck Cables

Why does MPO/MTP cable is so popular?
In the field of communication and data transmission, the development of optical fiber connectors is far more abundant than that of optical cable joints. More>
In order to save space, the fiber optic connector has been developed in the direction of miniaturization. With the rapid development of data centers, applications such as cloud computing and cloud storage have gradually penetrated various industries. The bandwidth requirements of network communication also increase rapidly, while high speed, high capacity and high bandwidth often require more space and higher cost. Because it is necessary to meet the requirements of multi-core use, fiber optic connectors began to evolve toward MU, MTP/MPO. An MTP/MPO multi-connector can accommodate 8-core, 12-pin, 24-core and currently up to 144 cores. The MTP/MPO fiber distribution standard is the best solution for high density and high bandwidth. 

The catagery of MPO/MTP cables
MPO/MTP has a polarity distinction. In order to ensure the accuracy of the polarity in the MTP/MPO network system, we will discuss how to properly installation and maintain the polarity of the MTP/MPO. There are three types of polarity methods specified by the standard, namely, Type A (straight type), Type B (cross), and Type C (cross pair).

The catagery of MPO cables

MTP/MPO cables are divided into MTP/MPO trunk jumpers and MTP/MPO branch jumpers. There are different types, different core numbers, and different polarities. The MTP/MPO trunk fiber patch cord terminates the MTP/MPO connector. The main jumper can be 8-core, 12 cores, 24 cores, 48 cores, 72 cores, 96 cores and 144 cores.

MTP/MPO cablesMTP/MPO cables

MTP/MPO cables Application
MTP/MPO products are designed to meet the growing demand for high-rate transmission requirements. This can be solved by selecting the appropriate MTP/MPO fiber optic cable, MTP/MPO connector and MTP/MPO distribution box and jumper.

The MTP/MPO system is a good solution for data centers. This high-density, extensible system design enables thousands of connections. UnitekFiber supplies a variety of MTP/MPO trunk patchcords, branch jumpers and distribution boxes
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